Zesty Pan-Fried Basa

I've never really been partial to seafood but I don't mind the odd fish fillet. Where I have a choice it will always be one of 5 types: Spanish Mackeral, Tuna, Basa, Flake (shark), or Salmon (in that order). I use Basa and Tuna more than the rest as they are by far the cheapest of my favs and, therefore, great budget options. For this particular recipe, I will generally use Basa and I try to purchase the fillets at least partly frozen as this makes them less fragile to work with during the marinating stage. Also, it is really important that you use a non-stick pan when frying this fish as if you find yourself needing to forcefully separate it from the pan you will surely break the fillet. It will still taste great but it won't look nearly as pretty as if it was properly formed.

Preparation Time:2 hours
Cooking Time:10 mins

What you'll be needing...

  • 2

    Basa Fish Fillets

  • 1 tbsp   

    Sesame Oil

  • 1 tbsp   

    Lemon Juice

  • 2 tsp   

    Fresh Chopped Parsley

  • 1 tsp   


  • 2 tbsp   


  • 1 tbsp   

    Olive Oil Butter

  • Salt and Pepper

  1. Place fish in a large zip-lock bag and sprinkle in cornflour. Zip bag and massage fish gently to coat each fillet evenly.

  2. Add sesame oil and lemon, zip bag, and move/tip the bag in different directions to coat the fillets.

  3. Add parsley, salt, pepper, and paprika; zip the bag, and massage the fish gently one last time to coat each fillet.

  4. Remove as much air from the bag as possible before leaving the bag in the fridge to marinate for a couple of hours (minimum), or you may choose to pop the fish in the freezer for another time.

  5. Spray or coat a large non-stick pan with olive oil. Not too much remember the marinade has oil in it also. Heat pan to a medium-high before adding each fillet.

  6. Allow fish to brown before carefully turning. Be careful not to break the fish apart when doing so unless you prefer a crumbly fish.

  7. Serve atop mash potato and garnish with grilled or pan-fried asparagus and parmesan cheese.

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